Home Audio Install Katy TX

Home Audio Install Katy TX

Thanks to new high-tech components, it is simple to take on a home audio install Katy TX project alone. However, a few tips can’t hurt. Learning what to do, before you get started is extremely beneficial, but keep in mind, the professionals are also just a phone call away. If you run into any issues, calling for help is a good idea.
Get to Know Your System
Bringing the sound of music into all the rooms of your home isn’t as complicated as you may think. In the past, home audio installation in Katy TX was a costly endeavor. Thanks to simplified systems, you can now easily install speakers and remote access to the system at a low cost.
Before you begin, take some time to evaluate your new home audio system. There are different variations, so you need to know what you have. In some cases, additional supplies are necessary for the installation of a home audio system in Katy TX. Some of the most common supplies include speaker cable, Cat-5e cable, etc.
The most difficult part of the job is running wire without tearing up your ceilings and walls. If the house is a single story, running wires through the attic is typically easy. In fact, most people can finish a four room install in a single weekend. If you have a larger home, it may take more time. Make sure you allot plenty of time to finish the job. Don’t try to rush through because issues may arise.
Select the Right Location for Components During the Home Audio Install Katy TX
If your audio system includes a keypad, place this first. Find a spot that is easily reached with cables from every room. If you want, you can install it directly next to your audio equipment. Remember, having an electric outlet nearby for power is necessary.
Keypads are extremely convenient if you mount them next to a light switch, or at the entry of the room. Also, make sure to put them in a location that makes it easy to wire the speakers. Consider remote control usage, as well. Verify that the keypad is visible from the sitting area, or other location where the remote may come into use.
Speakers are usually mounted on the walls or ceiling. For superior sound, install the wall speakers approximately one foot from the ceiling. Also, center them on your listening position. If mounting on the ceiling, put the speakers directly over and to the side of the listening area.
Cut Your Holes for the Keypad and Speakers
An important part of home audio installation in Katy TX is cutting the holes for the system components. However, don’t start cutting without finding any obstacles inside the walls first. Also, locate framing members and mark them with blue tape. You can find obstacles such as wood, heat ducts, or electrical cables by probing inside the wall with a bent hanger. Don’t use exterior walls for installation because they are full of insulation.
When you are sure the space is clear, use the template (usually included with the speakers) to mark your hole and then cut it with a keyhole saw.
Running the Home Audio System Wiring
The wiring for each home audio installation in Katy TX differs, but Cat-5e is a standard option. The wire needs to run from the keypad to each speaker. To ensure the wires remain hidden, you can use CL-2 speaker cable. This is rated to run inside the walls.
To maximize the efficiency of your cable and wire, you need to take a few precautions. While hiring the professionals is preferred, there are a few general rules to follow.
For superior performance of your new audio system, use these guidelines:

  • Make gradual bends
  • Don’t tug on the cable
  • Provide support with cable staples
  • Cross any current electrical cables at right angles

Taking these safety precautions is smart. They can help protect your entire audio system and your home. Don’t ignore safety rules for an “easier” method. This may result in hazardous conditions down the road.
Connecting Your Home Audio Equipment Wires
The connection process for Cat-5e wires is pretty easy. All you have to do is remove part of the plastic sheathing. Then, untwist the wires and use a punch-down tool to connect them. Make sure you don’t nick the small wires when you remove the sheathing. Make sure each wire is lined up properly before punching it down.
If you are unsure of the proper way to install and connect the wires for home audio installation in Katy TX, it is best to call the professionals. They can ensure all connections are made correctly. Working with electricity is often dangerous. Not only can wiring cause issues now, but also down the road. It may cause the system not to work properly. It may also cause issues such as shocks when used, or even cause a fire down the road.

Enjoy Your Music Home Audio Install Katy TX

Remember, installing a home audio system takes time. There are quite a few wires and components to install. DIY installation is not for everyone. After all, home audio systems represent a significant investment. If care is not taken to do it right, it may cause severe damage. This can result in you having to replace the entire system.
However, once the installation is complete, you are ready to enjoy your music. If everything was connected properly, controlling the music is simple. Modern audio systems include convenience features, such as remote controls. With this convenience feature, you can adjust the volume and even change the sound easily.
Keep in mind, installing a home audio system is somewhat labor intensive. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to the process, hiring someone for help. While modern sound systems are made for simple installation, this is not always the case. It is important to have a basic understanding of wiring and installation techniques. Without this, issues may arise now, or in the future. Call for professional home audio install Katy TX if problems do arise.