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RND Technology will help keep your Greater Houston business connected and secure. We offer our audio/video, wiring and cabling, automation, and security services to business and home builders in the area.

Commercial Audio / Video

Commercial TV Mountings Metal studs, or concrete walls no problem. We have highly trained technicians that can mount your TV’s on any surface.

Digital Signage/Displays Let RND Technology engineer and install your digital signage displays. We handle trade shows, restaurants, retail spaces, and office buildings, just to name a few.

Commercial Audio We can install a commercial audio system for your place of business or worship. RND Technology offers a wide range of industry leading speakers, mixers, and amps to choose from.

Commercial Video Whether it is 30 TVs in a Sports bar or 2 TVs in a lobby, we can engineer and install a system to fit any scope. We can connect it to a video source of your choosing or multiple video sources.

Rack Management No one wants a rat’s nest in their server closet. Tangled or crimped wires can be a service call nightmare.

Structured Cabling

Cat5/Cat6 wiring RND Technology provides the latest cabling solutions. Cat5 or Cat 6 wiring can be used for virtually any type of data transmission. We have the staff to diligently pull all your data cables.

Telecom Wiring RND Technology can install and wire business class phone systems for any size business

Coax Wiring Our professional installation crews can wire any of your RG6 or RG59 wires.

Security wiring Hardwired security systems are always best. Let us wire your business for a new security system. Not only can we wire it, we can monitor it as well.

Automation Control

Temperature sensors For any restaurant application. We can setup remote temp sensors so you are always aware of the status of your coolers or freezers.

Lighting Control Don’t have 40 light switches on the wall. Let RND Technology simplify your lighting needs with a robust lighting control system. Control lights from just a couple keypads, or a remote application.

Maintenance and Support We have the best customer service in the Biz. Check out our reviews online. At ND Technology, we pride ourselves on our top-notch support.

Remote controllability Remote access and control of your business is just a phone call away. We can setup any aspect of your business facilities to be remotely managed.

Shade Control

Business-Class Networking

WiFi Heatmapping A detailed heat map laid out in colors that immediately show you the spots with stronger and weaker WiFi signal strength

Managed switching Get more control over your Local Area Network traffic as well as advanced features to control that traffic. This increases network performance.

Business-class WiFi Allow clients WiFi access without interrupting your business network activities. Setup guest users or allow an open network for added customer convenience. Provide adequate WiFi coverage to your entire facility.

Remote management Control your business network from anywhere or let RND Technology do it for you. Ensure a stable network with a 24/7 concierge that can troubleshoot over the phone.

Security and Surveillance

Access Control Provide safe and SEKURE access for your employees. We can engineer and install an access control system that fits any budget.

Remote Surveillance Keep an eye on your business from anywhere in the world. Setup a remote surveillance system for added convenience and security.

Camera Installation A properly engineered camera system is critical for any business. Keep an eye on the things that matter most, and an extra layer of security for employees.

Home Builders

Low voltage wiring We provide data, voice, and structured cabling to some of the top home builders in the area.

Central Vaccum Give your home buyers added convenience with a central vacuum system. We install top-class central vacuum systems with the industry best warranty program.

Wiring Packages We can build a low voltage package catered to your buyers. We have packages that can fit in production or custom budget

Smart home initiative Let us help you compete with today’s smart home revolution. We can build and install packages to fit every home buyers budget.

Wi-Fi Assurance program We can provide adequate Wifi coverage for all of your homes. Ask an RND associate for more details

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