Katy Home Theater Install

Katy Home Theater Install

Chances are, you know the essential components needed for a successful Katy home theater install process. However, buying these items may present a challenge. The fact is, shopping for these elements is often overwhelming. After all, there are thousands of different home entertainment products available. As a result, finding the right one for your home theater installation in Katy is often a challenge.

Don’t despair. There are several shopping tips to help. These tips ensure you find the right components, all at prices you can afford.

Selecting the Right HDTV for Your Katy Home Theater Install Project

Choosing the best HDTV for your space isn’t necessarily difficult. However, it is quite easy to purchase more than needed because big TVs look great in the showroom. There several other things to consider when selecting a TV. This includes the type of video you plan on watching and where the TV is setup.

The farther you are sitting from the set, the less the pixilation matters. Also, if you are sitting close to it, a 60-inch set is likely too much. There are some cool features available today, too. From smart features to 3D features and even gesture and voice control, the options are vast. However, these aren’t always necessary. Consider what you really need before you make a purchase.

Control Your Home Theater with the Right Receiver

Receivers are a dime a dozen. But, they aren’t all created equal. Each option has different features and price points. Falling into fancy-sounding features is easy. For example, Pandora streaming, HDMI inputs, and raw power are just a few of the features offered. While these are great, if you have a budget, they aren’t necessities.

Also, it is a good idea to stick with well-known names. This includes Pioneer, Marantz, Onkyo, etc. Try to find products known for quality hardware. In most cases, professionals offering home theater installation in Katy can help with this.

Making sure your receiver is compatible is another important consideration. Some automatically think their old PlayStation 2 is going to work with any modern receiver. This isn’t the case. Make sure to do plenty of research ahead of time. This ensures all your home theater components for installation in Katy are compatible with the receiver.

Finding Speakers for Your Space

Do you already have certain speakers in mind? The fact is, you need to think about these carefully. If you move into the Katy home theater installation process without the right speakers, subpar sound is usually the result.

Before thinking about models and brands, consider the space you have. If you have a smaller area, plan where the speakers are going to go ahead of time. Do you plan to mount them on the wall, or do you need stands? Is running cable necessary for placing the speakers? Is there furniture or other items in the way?

Speaker placement is the first step. Don’t take this lightly. Placing them properly can help to improve overall sound quality. If possible, have the right and left, front speakers the same distance and angle from where you are sitting. Rear surround speakers are positioned in a similar way for excellent sound.

If you live in a small apartment and have neighbors all around, large floor speakers aren’t the best option. A great part of having a home theater in Katy installed is that the components are modular. As a result, if you have a bigger budget later, you can upgrade.

Do You Want a Soundbar?

Soundbars are small sets of speakers in a single, long housing. The majority are amplified and self-powered. This means you don’t have to use a receiver with them. If you have a smaller space and don’t want the high price associated with speakers and receivers, soundbars are ideal.

Most soundbars feature one or several audio inputs. This doesn’t allow you to connect many components right to it. In this case, you connect your video and audio sources to the TV and then connect the audio output cables from the television to the soundbar. Most soundbars have three drivers and some include a wireless subwoofer.

Soundbars are becoming more popular. This is mainly because they can provide sound to large rooms. They are also more affordable than larger speakers. However, keep in mind, soundbars don’t have any audio outputs. Or, they have very few. This means all the audio you have is what it can produce.

When you choose a soundbar, you choose budget and convenience over power. This doesn’t make them a bad option, but you have to consider all the facts before buying one.

Who Needs to Install Your Home Theater?

When it is time for home theater installation in Katy, you may want to take the DIY approach. If you have previous experience, this is an excellent way to save money. However, if you have never done this work, it may cost you more down the road. After all, a single crossed connection can blow speakers and other components. The best way to avoid these problems is to hire a professional technician.

If you decide to go pro, remember, not all services are created equal. Take some time to find the right one for the job. To do this, consider their reputation, ability, and years they have installed similar systems. The professionals can help with the entire process. Home theater installation in Katy is simplified with these services. It also ensures all your components are optimized for superior results.


Ready to invest in home theater installation? Purchasing the right components is just half of the battle. Do you want to experience the many benefits of a home theater? If so, hire the professionals. They can ensure top quality audio and video are achieved. Failure to let the professionals handle the process can result in several issues. Don’t let this happen. Just call the pros to help plan and install the home theater. If you are ready to get started with a Katy home theater install, call the pros today. They can help.