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Security & Home Surveillance Services from RND Technology

At RND Technology we know the most important thing is you and your family. Whether its remote entry or surveillance we have you covered. We can design a security system that will not only keep your family safe, but will also give you piece of mind.

IP Camera Systems

IP Cameras offer powerful image quality, enhanced flexibility and scalability, and immense analytical benefits. RND Technology offers IP Camera solutions from industry leaders.

Analog Camera Systems

While IP Cameras have gained in popularity, there are still consumers that prefer analog camera systems. RND Technology is pleased to offer powerful, analog camera systems from leading brands.

Designed For You

Each home is unique and every customer’s needs are different. RND Technology designs a home surveillance/security system that will fit your needs.


Security and Home Surveillance

No matter where you are the safety of your loved ones and your possessions is the foremost. Isn’t it? We at RND Technology agree and understand the need of a home security system for your Houston home and pay high attention to detail to deliver the best solutions to you. We have you covered for matters as small as remote entry or more intense tasks like surveillance cameras for your Houston area business or home. We have always intended to design and deliver a home security system that will give you peace of mind by protecting your precious family and the valuables. We offer both IP and Analog Camera Systems that can be remotely viewed from anywhere in the world. We can also provide managed door locks for the kids coming home from school. We tailor our security system to your Houston home as per your requirement. Need a front door camera or intercom only, no problem; with RND Technology you can feel safe, SEKURE and connected to your home always.

They say Out of sight, out of mind, but is it really so with your loved ones? No. Visual impact is the greatest. Hearing them say “Ok” and seeing them “Ok” are two different modes of mind relaxation. Which is why video surveillance are gaining more and more importance and requirement. Having a video surveillance installed through RND Technology, you can see and control who enters your thereby maintaining the security.

Take full use of our Free Consultation

We evaluate your purposes to install security solutions at your home and make sure to deliver exactly what you had in mind. The staff at RND Technology is very critical in proving the right Video Surveillance system whether it is IP or Analog camera system. To control the door admittance we study the minutest of details like where it should be mounted, which software to be used and more.

Evaluate Best Solutions

Just as we finish reviewing the requirement we further work on customizing the Security solutions we have, as per your requirement and need. We assure to not compromise on the quality of service and security solutions, keeping in mind your budget bracket.

We help you monitor and control:

  • Burglary
  • Flood
  • Fire and Smoke
  • Power Consumption

To know more about these service visit SEKURE, by RND Technology.

You can be rest assured about the quality of the home security systems provided by RND Technology as we have experienced and trained team to cater to your needs. We have a team of experienced Houston home security engineers to help you choose the right security solution based on your requirement.

Contact us to know more about our custom plans to fit your budget.