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At RND Technology we offer the latest and greatest technology solutions. If you are like most people, you probably have a deep love for technology. Technology is something that we all depend on nearly every day. If you are trying to figure out the best way to incorporate better forms of technology into your home or business, we’ve got solutions for you. When you count on our team you will be able to experience a higher level of comfort and convenience with our technology in your possession.

At RND Technology we offer a wide array of services that include home theater, home or business automation, security, and surveillance. We also have the ability to assemble your dream audio/video entertainment for your home or business. By carefully listening to your daily lifestyle, we can ensure the right products and services are offered, plus our consultations are always free.

We provide high-quality solutions that help you unlock your home or business full capabilities. We are able to give you the technology you need to upgrade all of the appliances in your home or work place. With your smartphone in hand, you’ll be able to control the lights, air conditioning, and much more. You will never have to worry again whether or not you turned the lights out before you left the home or office. We are ready to provide you with timely solutions that work in your favor.

At RND Technology not only do we offer the best solutions for your technology needs, we also have installers who have years of experience in this industry; you will be pleasantly surprised on a regular basis. Our team realizes what it takes to get the most out of your residential or commercial technology. And with our prices and services, we think you will be a satisfied customer whenever you count on us to deliver.

RND Technology is ready to work. With our team of professionals on your side, you’ll have the resources you need to maximize your home or business’s potential. Let us know what you need so we can help develop a solution. We strive to provide all the solutions for your technology challenges. Because of this, you can expect us to give you the best technology available on the market today. Get started today with RND Technology, our experts are waiting and willing to work!


Worried about the security of your property when you are not around or during nights or in course of unexpected calamities? Don’t worry anymore. We help you monitor your home or business 24/7 and raise alarms and alerts, if required, to protect you and your family and property from any unforeseen event. Your home and work life is very important, and you are going to need the right people around you if you want it to get better. Alarm systems and surveillance technology is getting more and more important, and you need these things to make sure you have the right way of living.

Security monitoring with SEKURE SMART SECURITY  provides safety and security to your home or work place. When you have SEKURE SMART SECURITY, we act as a second pair of eyes. Our specialists will be watching your home or business alarm system carefully. If our specialists see any suspicious activity or event happening in your home or office, they will send an alert to the police within seconds. With SEKURE SMART SECURITY you will be able to relax, knowing that your home or office is not only protected by an alarm, but also by a team of specialist that are safeguarding you 24/7.

The key benefits of SEKURE SMART SECURITY are 24/7 connection of all your security devices to a monitoring station. Immediate notification and instant alert when an alarm has been triggered. Assured security when you are not around and smartphone monitoring that will let you see your property whenever and wherever you are. With the smartphone monitoring, you will also be able to arm and disarm your location with one single touch, lock doors, turn on and off lights, and see your alarm event history.

Ensure you get the most out of your security needs by reaching out to our expert team. RND Technology and SEKURE SMART SECURITY is here to make the most out of your situation and provide you with the solutions you’re looking for. We have the innovation you need to get the most out of your private security. Our experts have the expert advice that you are looking for to make the most out of your security and safety.