Smart Home Automation

We all dream of a smart home automation system to make our lives easier, smarter, and more efficient. RND Technology helps to convert your dream into a reality. With our  smart home automation systems, you will be able to control many home devices such as appliances, lights, doors by remote control—or your smartphone!
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Smart Home Installation

Smart living today! Let us install smart home technology in your home. We can professionally install Thermostats, Door locks, Garage door openers, and much more. We can create scenes for the perfect settings in your Home Experts!

Alexa Voice Control

“Alexa! Turn on the Study TV!” or… “Alexa! Show me the front door!” Control the latest gear with the sound of your voice. RND Technology can install, set up, and network all your Alexa enabled smart home devices to work seamlessly together.

Lighting Control

Control your lights from anywhere! Or, just turn off the kids’ lights upstairs from downstairs. A good lighting control system can add extra security and convenience to any home.

Automated Shades

Save energy by Controlling the amount of light your home receives at any given time of the day. Add smart home technology shades to your home to provide optimal comfort for you and your family. Pick from different materials and colors to ensure your home will look as good as it will feel.

Why you need to turn to RND for your smart home automation services in Houston

“Why do I have to get up to turn off these lights?” “Oh God! I have to go back 15 miles to turn off the geyser.” “Should I go back home, I guess I forgot to lock the back door.” Does any of this sound familiar? If yes, then you are in the right place!
All of us dream of a smart home automation system to make our lives easier and smarter. RND Technology turns your dream into a reality with our Houston smart home automation systems and technology services. We understand how important it is to find the right smart home automation solution and technology services.
With a premium smart home automation system, you will be able to control many household devices by remote, such as lights, climate control, and security alarms. In fact, our system allows you to use your mobile device—smartphone or tablet—as a remote control!
The staff at RND Technology are Houston home automation experts. Whether it’s controlling your Audio / Video with your mobile device, or simply monitoring your garage door, we can make it easy and hassle free.

Luxuries of making your Home a Smart Home with RND Technology:

  • Cuts down electricity bills by turning off all unwanted devices without even moving from your place.
  • Wake up your devices as per preferences. Need to have an early shower? Set the timer to automatically control when your shower turns on.
  • Switch off or lock devices even from outside of your home through our app on your smartphone.
  • You will experience ease and accessibility both when you are in your home or outside it.
  • Feel royal without a burning a hole in your pocket.

Our automation systems are easy to install and easy to use. We can tailor the automation system as per your need. For example: whether you need it for one room only or you plan to extend it later or you want not much alterations to the existing wiring, we can take care of all of it. Our Home Automation is accessible by several users at the same time at several locations. So, the whole family can control the devices in your Houston smart home, they want, at per their own comfort and need. You can also learn the real time power consumption of the electronic devices and cut down the power bills by controlling the faulty consumption. A few things that can be controlled: Music, TV’s, Lights, Thermostats, Locks, Appliances, Sprinklers, Garages, and so much more! In short with RND Technology’s Home Automation system and technology service for your Houston house you can Automate, Control and relish the same old devices in a more organized and efficient way.

The dedicated team of professionals are ready to help you. Give us a call or write to us at and we can put together a package that fits the specific needs of you and your family.

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