At RND Technology we offer the latest and greatest technology solutions for you and your family. By carefully listening to your daily lifestyle, we can ensure the right products and services are offered. Our mission is to bring technology to the forefront of the construction process.



Systems which used to be state-of-the-art in the past may not be reliable now thanks to the ever-changing lifestyles and evolving technology. We at RND Technology of Houston use home automation technology to make you feel at home even when you're not there. With a click of a button on your smartphone, you can control all of your favorite home devices. Our innovative home security systems are designed to provide protection against flood, fire, burglary and integrate with your smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. We can provide seamless integration and allow you to monitor temperature, power consumption, and much more.

Our SEKURE Monitoring service gives you the luxury to monitor your home even when you are out and trav­eling. With our smart home security camera solutions, you can check in to your home and even monitor your kids and pets fron1 your smartphone.


It's important to analyze what technology solutions you need for your home to suit you and your family's lifestyle. Whether it's controlling your entire home with an iPhone or iPad, or just having some tunes out on the patio, RND Technology can design a Houston home automation system or theater that suits your individual needs. We strive to make sure that you and your family can enjoy the places in your home you love the most, but we also ensure seamless technology integration into your daily lives. From a security system to home theater installation for your Houston area house, RND can make sure it is all set up perfectly.

At RND Technology we design all of our systems for spaces of all sizes and layouts. No matter the size of your home, we can design a solution that fits. We believe that every home is different and so are the needs of it. We constantly aspire and strive to design tailored AudioNideo, Home Theater, Home Automation, and Security Systems that's right for your home. Whether it is listening to music on the patio or watching a movie in your brand new home theater we have the solution to fit all of our customer's needs.


We go out of the box when it comes to designing Audio/Video, Home Theater, Home Automation, and Security Systems for our customer. We on focus both on needs and individual lifestyles to come up with tailored solutions. We have built trust among our customers by constantly providing timely customer service and technical expertise.

The roots of our company are deeply grounded in fast response time and innovation in technology. No wonder that's the reason why our customers come to us when it comes to automating and securing their homes. We provide a free consultation so that you don't have to worry about additional consulting cost.


Getting a home security system installed in your Houston home is just not protecting your valuables from burglars. It is much more than that. It is also about saving the lives of your loved ones from thieves, calamities, medical hazards etc. Apart from securing your family and home, now you can also get other financial benefits if you have security systems installed at your home.

Burglars are also aware of the security technology. They always check for home security systems before attempting an invasion. Home security systems help stop burglars in their tracks. That's why home security systems give you peace of mind when you are away from your home. With our technology, can check your home with a click of a button using our apps. If you have a security system installed at your home, you can even get an almost 20% reduction in your premium with some home insurance companies.

Home security is now an investment and not an expense for the safety of your life, the lives of your family and your home. If you are thinking to get one for your home, our experts are ready to serve you and discuss your needs and then come up with a solution that fits well with your lifestyle and budget. Contact us now for a free consultation.



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