Audio Video Solutions

Are you looking to upgrade your home audio and video technology? Is your old sound system just not delivering enough punch when you are watching a movie? If yes you are needing Audio Video Solutions from RND Technology. We can help all your audio and video needs including-

  1. TV Mountings
  2. Surround Sounds
  3. Video Walls
  4. Two Channel Audio SetUp
  5. Distributed Audio
  6. Distributed Video
  7. Structured Cabling

TV Mountings

Is your TV to heavy for you to lift and mount? If so, we can carefully mount your TV wherever you would like. Ensuring that your audio and video systems are working perfectly.

TV Mountings

Surround Sound

When watching a dramatic or scary movie there is nothing greater than having surround sounds to really make the movie impactful. Just like in the movie theaters. We offer Dolby Atmos sound technology to make your living room sound just like a movie theatre. Making your entertainment lifelike and enjoyable to watch.

Video Walls

We comprise multiple LCD panels to create one giant image. Giving you high-quality video display across your screens. Once again, making it lifelike with high definition.

Two Channel Audio Setup

We can enhance your audio experience with a brilliant sounding Hi-Fi 2 channel audio setup. With a high fidelity turntable, tube amplifier and a pair of 3-way tower speakers. You will enjoy amazing sound quality from the comfort of your home.

Distributed Audio

Wanting to be able to control your music from the touch of your fingertips? If yes then we can install in-ceiling speakers. Which will allow you to control that you listen to from keypads in each room.

Distributed Video

It is time to get rid of all the DVDs in your house and have them all imported for each TV in your house. Never again will you need to go hunting for a DVD again.

Structured Cabling

The last thing you want is to have a beautiful TV and surround sound system and have cables everywhere. It is time to get rid of the mess and have us install your cables in wiring in an organized manner. You never have to have an unorganized house again with our Audio Video Solutions.

RND Technology Has You Covered

Our Audio Video Solutions can make your life easier and simpler to control and enjoy. We will cater you your entertainment needs and make sure you understand all the products and services we offer to enhance your audio and video experiences. Consult our friendly team today at 281-712-2329 to schedule your free consultation.