What is SEKURE

Do you currently have a home alarm system, but looking to add more safety and security to your home? Have you come across RND Technology and wondering What is SEKURE from us. And how it can benefit your home security? Security monitoring with SEKURE provides safety and security to your home. With our SEKURE security monitoring we provide 24/7 alarm surveillance. To ensure that you and your family are protected. With SEKURE we act as a second pair of eyes with our specialists. Always making sure that you, your family, and home assets are being protected.

Our specialists will be watching your home alarm system carefully. And if they see any suspicious activity or event in the video monitors. They will send an action to the alarms, you, and to the police within minutes. So, that you will be able to relax, knowing that your home is not only protected by an alarm. But also by a team of specialist that are safeguarding you and your family 24/7.

Key Benefits of SEKURE

  1. 24/7 connection of all your home security devices to a monitoring station.
  2. Immediate notification and instant alert when an alarm has been triggered.
  3. Assured security when you are not around.
  4. Smartphone monitoring that will let you see your home whenever and wherever you are. With the smartphone monitoring, you will also be able to arm and disarm your house with one single touch. Be able to see when your alarm event history. Lock doors. And turn on and off lights all from your smartphone.

When you see the benefits of SEKURE you are able to see just how secure and safe your house can be. We will make sure that your house is protected at all times. Contact us now to get protected and secure your house with SEKURE.

24/7 Protection with SEKURE