A Multipurpose Space Suited for the Entire Family

Entertainment preferences are unique to every individual. You may love jamming to Texas country, and your partner prefers jazz and heavy dance beats. You may also be a certifiable movie buff that can quote the lines from all the classics, but perhaps the kids are video game fiends. No matter how you and your family members like to enjoy your free time, media rooms provide the perfect location for everyone to embrace their favorite entertainment options while spending time with one another.

Keep reading below to learn how new or upgraded home media rooms can easily become the place to be in your Houston-area home!

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Entertainment for All

Home media rooms are the perfect location for your family to enjoy time with one another – even if everyone is participating in a different activity. Cue up the latest episode of a Netflix Original Series on your vibrant flat panel 4K TV while you sit on the coziest sofa. You’re fully immersed in the scenes thanks to a surround sound speaker setup suited for TV, movies, and gaming experiences. The kids are lounging nearby while scrolling through their tablets watching YouTube videos or typing on their laptops finishing homework.

How Are Media Rooms Different from Home Theaters?

Our team is frequently asked this question, and we’re happy to explain the nuances between these two home entertainment options. Media rooms are multifunctional and perfect for families that want to spend time together, even when they’re doing something different.

On the other hand, home theaters are meant to replicate the visually and auditorily immersive environment created at a movie house. Besides the light coming from the screen and very dim pathway lights to light the way to a popcorn or drink refill, there’s no ambient light in the room. You wouldn’t think of pulling out a smartphone to answer a text or watch a YouTube video in the middle of the movie action!

Seating in a home theater is typically tiered, whereas a media room has a more welcoming, cozy aesthetic. Bean bags, chaise loungers, recliners, and couches are all typical media room furniture, and a home theater often has recliners that operate independently of the adjacent seat. Though surround sound is present in a media room – and you can even incorporate advanced sound technologies such as Dolby Atmos – a home theater is outfitted with more robust sound absorption materials such as acoustic paneling and plush fabrics that assist with ambient noise reduction.

Managing Innovation

We take pride in our ability to bring customized entertainment solutions like media rooms to homeowners in Houston and the surrounding areas. Chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or connect with us here to schedule a free AV consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!