Enjoy Faster, More Secure, and Always Connected Networks with RND Technology

Running your Texas business is a full-time job that comes with its fair share of occasional frustrations, yet you love it all the same. You can do some things to streamline operations, though, including upgrading your commercial networking.

Dropped video-conferencing calls, slow downloads, and shaky connections are a thing of the past with a professional network design and installation from RND Technology. Keep reading below to learn how we keep Austin-area businesses connected!

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Enterprise-Grade Components

Many businesses, especially smaller ones, try to find cost savings wherever they can. Still, cutting costs can dramatically reduce their employees’ productivity. For instance, cheaper and lower-grade residential networking devices – ones you would find at the local big-box retailer – simply won’t address the network demands of your business. Enterprise-grade, business-class wired and wireless connections ensure everyone from the C-suite to the reception area have secure and speedy connections to conduct their daily tasks.

Greater wireless range, durable materials, and extensive testing ensure routers, switches, and access points are built to last. You and your employees will connect effortlessly from your wireless devices to presentation software, and your IT team can view your entire commercial network remotely using high-performance apps. For example, Araknis products offer OvrC management, which allows network administrators to check network statistics in real-time, troubleshoot minor issues, and cycle the power to the entire system without needing to bring in your ISP.

Reduce Weak Spots

With expertly placed wireless access points throughout your Austin-area business, the entire team will collaborate effectively, sharing ideas and brainstorming on the fly with no worries. Instead of waiting for a buffering symbol to clear from their screens or becoming annoyed when they can’t send large files, your staff will enjoy an enterprise-grade networking system designed to reduce Wi-Fi weak spots and signal interferences.

The Foundation to Your Business

No matter your industry, commercial networking keeps your business connected to patrons, staff members, and your target audience. From reading and sending emails to serving as the backbone to important client calls and commercial audio/video needs, a well-designed network keeps everyone connected and increases your profits in the long run.

Austin’s Networking Specialist

RND Technology takes pride in serving the Austin-area community. We enjoy bringing innovative technologies to business owners, so they may streamline their operations and reduce their ever-growing workload.

Chat with us at the bottom of your screen to start a conversation about your commercial networking or automation needs, or connect with us using this form. We can’t wait to hear from you!