3 Surprising Aspects of the Most Entertaining Space in Your Texas Home

Entertainment is a must-have consideration for every home, whether you’re in the Houston area or across the globe. Movies, TV shows, music, and more all serve as the backbone not only of pop culture but of how families and friends come together to relax, learn, and have fun with one another.

With a home theater installation, you can achieve the ultimate entertainment experience from your very own Texas property. Much more goes into the makeup of a home theater besides high-definition video quality and surround sound speakers, though. Our AV team has quite a bit to consider when coming up with bespoke home entertainment systems.

Keep scrolling below to learn three surprising aspects you may not have known about!

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As long as the lights are turned off, you can see the screen, right? Actually, a home theater space incorporates invaluable lighting options that give the power of illumination to the viewer. Near the front, lighting should be controllable from the rest of the room so that the image is not compromised. Indirect lighting along the walls and ceiling is best and won’t take away from the screen image.

For safety – because popcorn and beverage refills are a necessary component of every movie night – lighting near the back of the room and pathway lights along the floor are beneficial. Being able to control it all from the convenience of an app, smart control touchscreen, or smart remote is priceless!

Potential Room Noise

Just because you have an empty room available doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect spot for a home theater, especially if you’re unwilling to make considerable changes to the space and start from the ground up. Your HVAC system could be a potential distraction, causing ambient noise to fill the room if ductwork is too narrow or if the air flows too quickly into the room. Our installation team can incorporate oversized ductwork to reduce airflow velocity, include acoustical lining, and add strategic bends to reduce duct noise further. Additional acoustical treatment can be incorporated as well – keep scrolling below.

Additional Acoustical Treatment

It may be surprising, but the room is just as much a part of the audio system as the speakers! Soundwave reflections from speakers can cause echoes, unbalanced tonality, uneven bass response, and background noise if not adequately planned for during the design phase. By adding more absorption in the front of the room and more diffusion in the rear of the room and around surround speakers, standing waves are avoided. Viewers can experience audio without auditory distractions.

Acoustic considerations don’t have to be an eyesore, either. We can work with interior designers to conceal acoustical treatments added to the walls using acoustically transparent fabric coverings.

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